Stephen Cameron

This page is a copy of a website I created back in 2017 while transitioning out of secondary teaching. It was an attempt to use different approaches to seeking a job. I didn't get any direct results from this page, but sometimes you just don't know who has read it.

Living in Lincoln (UK) and seeking a new challenge, I am looking for an employer who will appreciate my broad experience and excellent skill set which includes IT, research, communication, customer service, training, presenting and administrative skills.

Seeking an employer. Open to offers.


About me.

I was born in the UK but raised in Australia. About a year ago my wife and I moved to her hometown of Lincoln. My most recent contract recently ended and so I'm seeking a new challenge.

Recent statistics suggest as much as 80% of vacancies are filled without ever being advertised. Most are through referrals and networking, which can be almost impossible when you simply don't know many people. As a recent arrival in the UK, I'm trying a range of approaches to find new employment.

Why did I publish this page?

I decided to try a 21st century method of contacting employers. I have no idea what to expect from this, but ideally it will open a dialogue with employers and possibly lead to an offer of employment from someone who appreciates my effort, skills and creativity. I know I'm not the first to do this - I pinched the idea from Andrew Horner. Although our approaches differ, it worked for him and I hope this will work for me too.

What am I looking for?

A good employer who appreciates and encourages their staff and treats them with integrity and respect. An employer who trains their staff well. I really don't mind whether you are a small family business, a start-up, a mid-size company, a large NGO, a government authority or a corporation.

I'm a strong writer, communicator, presenter, information manager, and researcher. I have a great deal of IT experience and recently rated highly in a series of business administration and IT skill tests. These were assessed in regards to knowledge, accuracy and speed. 

My preference is for an administrative position which allows me to use these skills. I'm well aware 'administration' is a broad term, and there are lots of niche and specialist roles out there. I'm flexible, and am certainly open to offers for positions I had never considered or even knew about.

My CV, available upon request, details my soft and hard skills with clear examples.

What am I not looking for?

I try to be as honest as I can, so let me say this up front. I am not interested in sales positions. I am simply not a salesperson. I'm also not interested in any telemarketing or 'working from home on commission' roles. Nor am I looking to set up my own business or franchise.

I am happy to consider a variety of roles, although I must confess Lion Taming is probably not my sort of thing. They have sharp teeth.

What is my employment and education history?

I have been continuously employed since I was 15, if you include part time jobs while I was
completing school. I was a police officer before moving into training and instruction. I spent a couple of years writing databases for a government office, and running a help-desk. After a two year stint managing a shop for an NGO, I attended university where I completed two bachelor degrees before moving into secondary teaching. I was awarded membership of the Golden Key International Honour Society for being among the top 15% academically at University. A couple of years ago I completed a post graduate certificate in Careers Development, studying part time while working full time. For the past few years I've taught in high schools in both Australia and the UK.

As many presume teaching doesn't provide the skills required for an administrative role, I recommend reading this article I recently published on LinkedIn.

What do I expect in salary and conditions?

The simple answer to the salary question, and probably the most honest answer you will ever hear, is as much as I can.

Alas I'm a realist and recognise employment doesn't work that way. However I am dependable, hard working, and have excellent experience and skills. I am therefore only looking for fair remuneration commensurate with my experience, training, skills and abilities. I would prefer to be based in and around Lincoln, although relocation is not out of the question for the right job. I'm reasonably flexible and adaptable regarding other employment conditions such as shift, hours and travelling.

I expect the opportunity to receive professional development and to learn. Oh, and a workplace near a good Indian restaurant is always appreciated.

What about my interests and hobbies?

I'm the author of approximately forty published pieces of non-fiction and fiction. I've been nominated for several prestigious awards and receive fabulous reviews.

While living in Australia, I was a member of the Astronomical Society of Victoria. Gazing into the depths of the universe is one of the great joys in life.

I'm an avid music fan, both playing guitar and collecting music in many genres.

I also belong to the Lincoln Film Club and will happily discuss movies with anyone who cares.

My wife and I enjoy walking our dogs, Millie and Mabel, who emigrated from Australia with us.

I maintain an author's website, as well as co-manage a Beatles website.

I like real ale, great food and the company of family and friends.

So why did I move to the UK?

I get asked this one a lot, usually with a curious "Why?" and comments about beaches and the weather.

As I said earlier, my wife is from Lincoln. After living in Australia for a number of years, we decided to move here to spend time with her side of the family. I've been visiting Lincoln regularly for the past 12 years and love the city. I'm a regular visitor to the Cathedral and the Castle. I enjoy the history, the art, the culture, the countryside and all that Lincoln has to offer. Even football. Although Australian Football will always be my passion, I love going to Sincil Bank to watch the Imps play. Heck, I even bought a scarf to wear to games!

As for the weather, my Scottish blood enjoys this cooler climate.

What should you do if you're interested?

Contact me. Let's talk. Use the form at the top of this page to send me a message and I will respond with my email address. My CV and references are available on request.